Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Wednesday I found that the daycare center where I work will be closing down. I have been there almost 8 years. It is really sad. I love my job and now I will have to find another job that will not be as easy and will not have my best friend and sister there. :( I had a phone interview yesterday morning for an assistant principal job at an academy. I think it went pretty well. She said they would be contacting me for an in person interview. Then I had an interview at a center about 45 minutes from home for a lead teacher position. Its a long drive but the director and assitant director were super nice and the center was awesome. They did not say for sure that they were going to hire me but I am 99% sure I have that job. They asked me "What would it take to get you to work here?" So that is a good sign. We also discussed pay and if hired I will be making $2 more per hour then I make now as Director. I have another interview on Monday at 1 for Childcare Network. We will see how that goes. :/

akiko117 on 2:35 PM