Tuesday, February 12, 2008
American Idol

One last thing. I am watching AI and Brooke White (who I am pulling for - see previous post) did very well. :) I hope I don't come to hate her. I really liked Chris Daughtry and then he started making me sick to my stomach. I also LOVE Josiah Leming. This is going to be a good year. There are some amazing singers!!! I like David Cook too. A lot. I was cracking up when he was singing tonight though. His tongue was blue. LOL And Angela Martin. She is awesome. But they cut her. :( And I can't believe it. I like David Archuleta. I don't love him yet but I do like him. Carly Smithson. I liked her, and then she sang 'Alone' and gave me goosebumps. So I love her now. Asia'h Epperson is awesome. And I like Amanda Overmyer. She might be a little much but I like her for now. And those are my thoughts on American Idol for tonight. LOL

While I am on the subject though, I have to add this video. HILARIOUS!

akiko117 on 5:49 PM